Title: How to select Shop Stewards

Task: This is the process the local executive has used to select Shop Stewards in the past

Prerequisites (if applicable): Before an application can be considered, the member must have attended a minimum of 50% of the local meetings in the last twelve months.

Table of contents (if necessary): NA


  • Step 1: A local member is identified, or self-identifies, as a potential Steward.
  • Step 2: This member's name is brought to the attention of the Chief Shop Steward.
  • Step 3: The Chief Shop Steward has an informal conversation with the member and sends them the link to the application with a request the member complete it as per the instructions on the website.
  • Step 4: The application is received in FreshDesk. The Chief Shop Steward brings the name to the attention of the Stewarding Committee at the next Steward meeting.
  • Step 5: The Stewarding Committee discusses the applicant. If all are in agreement, a recommendation is advanced to the Chair for the Executive to appoint the member to the Stewarding Committee.
  • Step 6: At the next Executive meeting, the Executive reviews the recommendation and votes whether or not to pass the recommendation.
  • Step 7: The Chair informs the Chief Shop Steward of the decision.
  • Step 8: The Chief Shop Steward informs the member and either provides feedback or a welcome.
  • NOTE: This is an appointment process and not an election process. Stewards are appointed and not elected.

Outcome: We are always looking for Stewards to build our local. Once a potential steward has been identified, this process will help the executive make an informed decision about whether or not this member will improve and strengthen the local.

Further reading: See the application on our website: https://rjh-heu.org/applications AND the Local Officer's Form found here: https://heu.org/local-executive-documents