Title: How to start a Grievance Investigation

Task: Members should be given guidance on how to investigate a grievance to see if it has merit.

Prerequisites (if applicable): NA

Table of contents (if necessary): NA


  • Step 1: The member contacts the union with a potential grievance.
  • Step 2: The steward does basic vetting to see if there is a grievance to pursue.
  • Step 3: The steward gets more specific details via the Union Fact either completed by the member or with a steward. Sheet: https://0901.nccdn.net/4_2/000/000/079/c81/union-fact-sheet.doc
  • Step 4: The Steward reads the Union Fact Sheet and seeks clarity on the details.
  • Note: Be sure to explain timelines to the member so they know time is of the essence. Remember that grievances are how members become activists. The more tools and support you provide, the more likely they will become activists in whatever capacity is available to them. (Se also: don't act like the employer and make them adhere to a process instead of a compassionate human.) 
  • Additional Note: At some point, a Step One meeting will need to occur with the manager. The Steward will need to make a decision on when to request the Step One meeting. The fact sheet will be helpful to arguing a good outcome but respect timelines so the grievance can be successful.

Outcome: After completing this process, the member (AKA "the situation expert" will have provided adequate facts for the Steward (AKA "the grievance expert") to proceed with the grievance. Members should be empowered to perform their own investigations which the Steward can support.

Further reading: Union Fact Sheet: https://0901.nccdn.net/4_2/000/000/079/c81/union-fact-sheet.doc