Title: What to do for the Step Two (member directions)

Task: If you have completed Step One of the Grievance process and you have not found a successful resolution, it is time to move to Step Two. This document will explain what that is.

Prerequisites (if applicable): You MUST complete a Step One before moving to Step Two. (See: https://rjhheu.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48001243298-what-to-do-for-the-step-one-member-directions-)


  • Complete the Union Fact Sheet found here: https://0901.nccdn.net/4_2/000/000/079/c81/union-fact-sheet.doc
  • Complete the top section of the Step Two Grievance form, the requested resolution, and then sign and date it: https://0901.nccdn.net/4_2/000/000/057/fca/grievance---fillable.pdf
  • If you aren't sure what resolution is reasonable, leave that section blank but include your wish list in the email you send back to the Steward Office in the next step. (Some ideas could be, "Pay me for my missed shift," or "Award me the job that was awarded to an external candidate that I was qualified for.")
  • Send everything back to help@rjh-heu.org.
  • Your steward will complete the rest of the grievance and will then send a copy to you, your manager, and the HEU regional office.

Outcome: This step of the grievance process is pretty quick because it's largely administrative, but it's important because it advances your grievance to the next step. (See the article below on "what to expect in the grievance process".)

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